Ready-to-Eat Catering

We serve home made, locally crafted seasoned food

Introducing Ready-to-Eat, FULLY COOKED chilled or frozen food. Our menu is MADE-TO-ORDER so it's kinda freshly frozen! This is the magic solution for an EASY (Heat and Eat), SAFE ("Cooking food effectively kills bacteria that may cause food-borne illness"), WHOLESOME ("Freezing helps retain the nutrient content of food"), and DELICIOUS get-together family food.

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Love saucy succulent meats? Looking for an Asian twist? Or maybe want to try a classic dish done right? It all comes with carefully chosen, prepared, seasoned, and cooked to enrich your table with wholesome, delicious, and easy meals.

Chicken Alla Puttanesca

With Italian Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Capers, and Feta Cheese

EGP 320

Beef Scallopine

with Mushroom Gravy

EGP 380

Rice- Biryani

with Authentic Spices, Saffron, Nuts, and Sun-dried Tomatoes

EGP 180

Chinese Shrimp

with Mixed Vegetables and Chinese Spices

EGP 560

Italian meatballs

with chunky Italian Salsa, and Parmesan Cheese

EGP 330

Ramadan Kareem

Till the End of Ramadan

Get EGP 400 FREE! On Your Order When You Spend EGP 1500 Or More. Or Get 200 On Your Order, When You Spend EGP 1000, Or Get 100 On Your Order, When You Spend EGP 750.
Free money are on next catering order. Valid till the end of Ramadan.

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